While specializing in concept development, industrial design, cad modeling and visual presentation assets creation, when it comes to design we are 2 - Divi. One is you - the dreamer, the entrepreneur, the corporation and the other is design and asset creation of Aldis Rauda - all with a will to create and manifest something new. Over many years Aldis has collaborated with numerous entities to develop unique, innovative and exciting solutions through design. Firmly grounded in product design with foundation established in San Francisco in the early 2000's and continued development in Los Angeles, Aldis continues to specialize in taking ideas through innovation process to create unique design solutions for tomorrow with partners across the USA and abroad.

Innovation transforms from inspiration, ideas like seeds grow into shapes and questions become exclamations!


what is 2?

product development, design, graphic arts, 3D rendering, visualization, logo, innovation, 3D modelling, packaging, graphics, animation