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Aldis Rauda is a well-established designer with extensive experience in product design and development and content creation. Professionally he has been inventing, creating, and designing life experiences with products since 1998. As a multi-faceted creator, designing across many consumer product categories, his designs have been produced and sold at most major retail stores and by now nearly every household in the US has used something he has designed. 200+ projects have been completed with over 600 products and product lines, producing industrial design, packaging design, graphics, logo design, visual asset creation-renderings, CAD drawings, presentations, sales one pagers, animations, patent drawings, 30+patents issued, prototypes and concept development.

His creative thinking flourished while designing with top design consultancies in the world at the peak of design innovation of the 2000’s in Bay Area, San Francisco. Since then, having collaborated with the biggest companies on global scale has given him exclusive path through product development experiences at all levels from an idea through delivering innovative solutions for improving daily experience of life with design. Creating solutions with everyday tools and objects gives him inspiration to take every new idea to a new level independently where it is in the process, whether it is at phase one or creating sales and marketing materials of new products.

product development, freelance designer, industrial design, graphic design, illustration, 3D rendering, CG Computer Graphics, visualization, logo design, innovation, 3D CAD modelling, packaging, animation, painting, prototype building, sketching

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